Within a few seconds a popup login screen should appear and after successfully logging in you will be taken to your EAPH launchpad.  If you do not get a popup login screen click here: EAPH Launchpad

In the instructions sent by email to you after you signed up there may be more than one combination of username and password that you can use to log in.  When the popup appears requiring your username and password be sure to use one or the other combination but not to mix them up.

Also, be sure not to add anything onto the back end of your member name. For example, if your member name is "jacksonsupply" then that's all you type in for your username.

Both your member name and password must be entered exactly as it appears in your email instructions including any use of upper and lower case letters.  For example: Supposing your password is "Johnson" then "johnson" won't work and neither will "JOHNSON".  Because you can't actually see what you are typing in as your password (all you see are the ***** characters) be careful that you do not have your caplocks key on if your member name or password contain lower case letters.

If your username and/or password are already filled in for you and you proceed by clicking OK but the log in fails then you'll need to make absolutely sure what is in there is correct.  Delete out both the username and the password, type them in again per the instructions in your Welcome email, and then click OK to try again.

If you have forgotten your member name or password please write to rob@robshelp.com and a reminder will be sent.